Poor Mountain Family’s Thanksgiving

“Wow!” exclaimed Poor Mountain Father, walking into the kitchen of his log cabin. “Something smells really good.”

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Sister, who was helping Poor Mountain Mother peel potatoes. “I can’t wait for that turkey to finish cooking.”

“Me either,” said Poor Mountain Mother, who had been standing over the hot oven the whole day long. “The smell of it is driving me crazy.”

“You know,” said Poor Mountain Brother. “If a stranger came into our cabin right now, they would never know that we were so poor?”

“What do you mean?” asked Poor Mountain Mother.

“Well,” said Poor Mountain Brother. “Just look around you, Poor Mountain Mother. We have everything here that a normal family has on Thanksgiving. We have a turkey in the oven and we have tons of food to eat.”

“But we have something here that most normal families these days don’t have,” said Poor Mountain Sister.

“What is that?” asked Poor Mountain Father.

“We have love,” said Poor Mountain Sister. “Most of the kids at school are talking about having to spend the Thanksgiving holidays with their step-sisters and step-brothers and they talk about how mean their step-mothers are to them. We don’t have that problem.”

“That is true,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “We certainly don’t have that problem.”

“See,” said Poor Mountain Father. “This Thanksgiving we have a lot to be thankful for. We might be poor but we sure are a strong loving family.”

“True,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “And, you know, even as poor as we are, we never seem to be wanting for much. We have a beautiful home over our head and we always have plenty to eat.”

“You know,” said Poor Mountain Brother. “I don’t even consider myself being poor most of the time.”

“Me either,” said Poor Mountain Sister. “We always managed somehow to have everything we want.”

“You children are amazing,” said Poor Mountain Mother, wiping a tear from the corner of her eye.

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Father, clearing his throat before speaking. “We certainly do have a wonderful family.”

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