Sounds of Spring

“Oh babies!” exclaimed Mrs. Robin, happily. “I love to hear your chirping. It is music to my ears on this beautiful spring day.”

Mrs. Robin was so happy that it was finally spring. She was so glad winter was over with. It was an especially harsh winter.

Mrs. Robin few over to a log which was located at the base of a huge elm tree. When she landed on the log, she heard a twig snap. She saw a squirrel on the ground below the log. She heard the rustle of leaves on the ground as the squirrel scurried about.

Mrs. Robin flew over to the edge of the river. She heard the sound of water splashing against the rocks. It was music to her ears. On top of one of the rocks, she saw a frog. The frog croaked as he jumped from one rock to the other to cross the river.

Mrs. Robin flew onto the top of a fence at a playground. Children were outside playing and she could hear their infectious daughter. She saw a young mother with her baby in the stroller. The baby was giggling as it enjoyed the warmth of the beautiful spring day.

“Beautiful sounds of spring,” said Mrs. Robin, smiling.


Moral of this Story:

  • Stop and listen to the sounds of spring.
  • Example: Mrs. Robin loves the sound of spring while she ew around Storyland.

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