A Spring Ant

It was a warm spring day. Ant was taking a walk. He was carrying a huge green leaf.

“This leaf is heavy,” said Ant. “I need to have a rest. I am exhausted.”

Ant saw a bush. He decided he would have a rest at the bush. However, at the far end of the bush, he saw Mrs. Robin.

Ant knew he had to stay away from Mrs. Robin. She was angry with him because he had tricked her into spending the day protecting him when she should have been at home with her babies. Ant slowly walked around to the back of the bush, away from Mrs. Robin. She didn’t see him. However, a crow did.

“Oh hello Ant,” said Crow. “That is a nice green leaf you have there. Would you like me to carry it for you?”

“No,” said Ant. “That is okay. I can carry it myself. However, I would like some protection from Mrs. Robin.”

“Why?” asked Crow. “Mrs. Robin is the sweetest. She wouldn’t hurt a flea.”

“She wants to eat me,” said Ant.

“I find that hard to believe,” said Crow. “Wait! You are Ant, the one that tricked Mrs. Robin.”

“No,” lied Ant. “That would have been a different ant.”

“Oh no,” said Crow. “It was you. Mrs. Robin told me about your green leaf. I think I want your green leaf.”

Ant knew he had to think of something and fast.

“Mrs. Robin knows where there are lots of green leaves,” lied Ant. “She gave this one to me but, she said she wouldn’t give one to anyone else.”

“Oh she did, did she?” asked Crow, angrily. “We’ll see about that?”

Crow flew over to where Mrs. Robin was sitting and while he did that, Ant walked away, as quickly as he could. He knew that now, he had to stay away from both Mrs. Robin and Crow.

Ant and the Crow – YouTube Video


Moral of this Story:

  • It isn’t nice to lie.
  • Example: Ant lied to Crow about Mrs. Robin. Now he has to stay away from Mrs. Robin and Crow.

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