A Time to be Sorry

“Oh it is such a beautiful cold winter day,” said Ice Bird, flying through the forest.

“What is so nice about it?” Ice Bird heard a voice below him on the ground.

“Oh Mrs. Robin,” said Ice Bird, looking down to see Mrs. Robin hopping around on the snow. “What are you doing out in the cold?”

“I am searching for food,” said Mrs. Robin. “Are we ever going to get spring weather?”

Ice Bird flew down to where Mrs. Robin stood.

“I heard we aren’t getting any spring weather for a very long time,” said Ice Bird.

“That is just wonderful!” cried Mrs. Robin, flying over to a tree that was a few feet away. “I have three babies to feed.”

Mrs. Robin pointed up in the tree to her nest and inside the nest were her three very young babies.

“I am so sorry,” said Ice Bird, feeling guilty about what he had just told Mrs. Robin. “I didn’t realize there were babies involved. I was kidding when I said there will be no spring. We should be getting warmer weather very soon.”

“I accept your apology,” said Mrs. Robin, seeing that Ice Bird really didn’t mean any harm.

“Thank you,” said Ice Bird. “I truly am sorry.”

Ice Bird did feel very bad for what he had said to Mrs. Robin. He felt so bad that he actually helped Mrs. Robin find some food for her babies.

“Thank you,” said Mrs. Robin. “I know my babies will appreciate this.”

“It is the least I can do,” said Ice Bird.


Moral of this Story:

  • It isn’t nice to tease someone.
  • Example: Ice Bird teased Mrs. Robin about there being no spring but then he realized Mrs. Robin had babies to feed and he felt guilty about teasing her.

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