A Healthier Easter

Travelin’ Rick was given a top secret assignment. It was so top secret that he didn’t know where he was going or who he was going to meet.

“What a way to spend the last few days before Easter,” said Travelin’ Rick to himself, as he boarded a private jet.

It was nighttime, so Travelin’ Rick couldn’t see out the windows of the jet. He decided he may as well just sleep. While he slept, the jet landed at a private airstrip.

“Hello,” Travelin’ Rick heard a voice say to him, as he woke up.

Travelin’ Rick opened his eyes and then closed them right away, when he saw who was standing in the aisle of the jet. He rubbed his eyes and slowly opened them, again. He couldn’t believe it.

Easter Bunny was standing there, talking to him.

“Easter Bunny!” shouted Travelin’ Rick, in disbelief. “What are you doing here? Am I dreaming?”

“No,” said Easter Bunny. “You are not dreaming. I was the one that hired you for this top secret assignment.”

“Oh,” said Travelin’ Rick. “I was wondering what this assignment was all about?”

“I have been getting a lot of bad press lately,” said Easter Bunny. “You know, chocolate contains a lot of sugar, sugar rots teeth. I have developed a chocolate that contains no sugar and I need you to taste it and tell me what you think.”

“You have me on a private jet so I can eat chocolate and get paid for doing so,” laughed Travelin’ Rick. “I love my job!”

Easter Bunny brought out a tray of chocolate and asked Travelin’ Rick to taste it.

“This is really good chocolate,” said Travelin’ Rick. “Now, let me taste yours.”

“You just did,” said Easter Bunny.

“Are you serious?” asked Travelin’ Rick. “This is amazing. You have just revolution¬≠ized the whole chocolate industry.”

“Do you think anyone will notice the difference?” asked Easter Bunny.

“No,” said Travelin’ Rick. “Not at all.”

“Great,” said Easter Bunny. “We will see less complaints about too much sugar.”

“This is amazing,” said Travelin’ Rick. “Everyone will be so much healthier.”

“Absolutely,” said Easter Bunny.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is always good to eat healthier foods.
  • Example: Easter Bunny created a chocolate that contains no sugar. Everyone will be a lot healthier now at Easter.

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