A Sprinkly Easter

“Oh dear,” said the Easter Bunny. “I have run out of decorations for the Easter eggs. What am I going to do?”

Easter Bunny couldn’t believe it. That had never happened to him before.

“I need to think and I need to think fast,” thought Easter Bunny. “I can’t disappoint the children. I only have a few days left until Easter.”

Easter Bunny thought and thought about what he could do. He, then thought about Sprinkles. Sprinkles is a Storyland character that has sprinkles instead of hair.

“I hope she will be able to help me,” said Easter Bunny, dialing Sprinkles’ phone number.

“Hello,” said Sprinkles, when she answered the phone.

“Sprinkles,” said Easter Bunny. “I am Easter Bunny. I have a very real problem. I have run out of decorations for the Easter eggs this year.”

“I have a problem too,” said Sprinkles. “I have bags and bags of my sprinkles that are just sitting here.”

“Oh my!” laughed Easter Bunny. “I can take them off your hands for you.”

“That would be wonderful,” said Sprinkles.

Easter Bunny made arrangements to have the bags of sprinkles picked up. He got them in time so he could finish decorating the Easter eggs before Easter. He had one large Easter egg left. He delivered it to sprinkles with a note that thanked her for saving Easter.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to help someone in need.
  • Example: Sprinkles had bags of sprinkles that Easter Bunny could use for his Easter eggs.

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