An Angry Leprechaun

“Those mint cookies smell amazing,” said Angry Baker’s fiancĂ©e, Melissa.

“Thank you,” said Angry Baker. “I’ve made them for St. Patrick’s Day.”

“I see they are sitting on the cooling rack,” said Melissa. “Would you like me to bring them out and put them in the display.”

“That would be helpful,” said Angry Baker, who was busy tending to customers.

Melissa brought them out and was putting them in the display case. Angry Baker finished up with his customers so he went into the kitchen and was going to bring out another tray of them until he noticed a little man with a shamrock on his hat, sitting in the corner, eating one of his cookies.

Angry Baker felt the anger rise in himself. He looked the little man right in the eyes.

“How dare you eat my St. Patrick’s Day cookies?” asked Angry Baker. “Who do you think you are?”

“I am a leprechaun,” said the little man.

“There are no such things as leprechauns,” screamed Angry Baker. “Now, who told you that you can eat my cookies?”

“I did,” said Melissa, coming into the kitchen to see what the fuss was.

“Why?” asked Angry Baker. “You know we don’t give out free samples.”

“He paid for it,” said Melissa, holding up a pot of gold.

The anger fell away from Angry Baker as he stared at the pot of gold Melissa had in her hands.

“Oh dear,” said Angry Baker. “I am sorry for my outburst. “Please, have another cookie.”

“How dare you?” screamed the leprechaun. “I paid you handsomely for this cookie, way above market value, I might add and you get angry with me for no reason. Then you try to bribe me with another cookie. I don’t want your cookie.”

“In my defence,” said Angry Baker. “I didn’t know you had given Melissa a pot of gold for that cookie. Please, accept my apology and take another cookie.”

“I don’t want one cookie,” said the leprechaun. “But, I will take two.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Don’t jump to conclusions, especially with leprechauns.
  • Example: Angry Baker just assumed that the leprechaun stole his mint cookie.

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