A Shamrock Dance

“Good morning,” waved Shammy Rock to everyone he saw walking down the street. “It sure is a good day to be alive.”

“Yes,” said an older gentleman. “It is indeed. So, how does a shamrock get to be alive.”

“Well,” said Shammy Rock, very happy to share his story. “I am alive because of a meteorite. Last St. Patrick’s Day, a meteorite flew across the sky and the bright light from it brought me to life.”

“That is an incredible story,” said the older gentleman. “My name is Pattie. I have been searching everywhere for you.”

Shammy Rook watched as Pattie turned into a mean and nasty leprechaun right before his eyes.

“What do you want from me?” asked Shammy Rock.

“I want to take your bright light from you so that I can live forever,” said Pattie.

“You can’t have it,” said Shammy Rock. “That bright light is my soul. It is what makes me so grateful to be alive.”

Shammy Rock started to dance and that angered Pattie to no end.

“Why are you dancing?” yelled Pattie. “I want your bright light. Now, give it to me!”

“Dancing makes me feel alive,” said Shammy Rock. “Maybe you should try it.”

Patti did start to dance and he did feel more alive.

“Maybe I don’t need your bright light after all,” said Pattie. “Maybe I just need to dance.”

Shammy Rock and Pattie danced up a storm and both felt more alive than ever.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always find your own bright light.
  • Example: Pattie tried to steal Shammy Rock’s bright light that he got when he was brought to life by a meteorite.

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