Snow Day

Peppermint, one of the Winter Jellies, put on his winter boots. Both his brother, Spearmint and his sister, Citrus saw him.

“Peppermint, where are you going?” asked Spearmint. “Today is a snow day. All the schools are closed today.”

“The radio announcer said everyone should stay indoors today,” said Citrus.

“That is nonsense,” said Peppermint. “We are the Winter Jellies. We love winter. Surely the radio announcer wasn’t talking about us.”

“He didn’t specifically say our names,” said Spearmint. “But he did say everyone.”

“I doubt if the radio announcer even knows we exist,” said Peppermint.

“You do have a point there,” said Citrus.

“Pretty sure when he said everyone,” said Spearmint. “He meant us too.”

“Maybe,” said Peppermint. “But how would he ever know if we went outside. He will never see us.”

 “True,” said Citrus. “Let’s go play outside.”

The Winter Jellies went outside. They were enjoying themselves immensely when they saw a young girl walking hand in hand with her mother.

“Come on Tracy,” said the mother. “We have to get home. The snowstorm is getting worse.”

“I want to play outside in the snow,” said Tracy.

“You will do no such thing,” said Mother. “The radio announcer said everyone must remain indoors.”

“Well, how come they aren’t?” asked Tracy, pointing to the Winter Jellies.

“We were just on our way inside,” said Peppermint. “Come on Spearmint and Citrus. Let’s go inside.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Always pay attention to weather alerts on the radio or televison.
  • Example: The Winter Jellies were convinced they were safe to play outside but then a young girl pointed out that she wanted to play outside because they were.

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