Waiting for Spring?

It was the first week of spring in the mountains of Kelowna, BC. However, it was cold and there was still a lot of snow.

Mrs. Robin was trying to gather breakfast for her babies.

Bluey Bluebird flew over the mountains. He saw Mrs. Robin.

“What is with the weather?” asked Mrs. Robin, seeing Bluey Bluebird. “It is spring but it still feels like winter.”

“Yes,” said Bluey Bluebird. “It is spring. Give it a few days. Spring is late but it is coming.”

“I can’t wait,” said Mrs. Robin. “I need some of that warm spring sunshine in my bones.”

“I do too,” laughed Bluey Bluebird.

Two days later there was some green grass at the edge of a field. Mrs. Robin was there. Bluey Bluebird flew to where she was.

“Look,” said Mrs. Robin. “There is some grass here.”

“Yes,” said Bluey Bluebird. “There isn’t much but, it is starting to look hopeful.”

“Spring is coming,” said Mrs. Robin.

By the end of the week there was nothing but green grass. Mrs. Robin was there. Bluey Bluebird saw the green grass. He was so happy. He flew over to see Mrs. Robin. She was also very happy.

“We just needed some patience,” said Bluey Bluebird.

“Yes,” said Mrs. Robin. “Absolutely!”


Moral of this Story:

  • When it comes to weather, always have some patience.
  • Example: Bluey Bluebird reassured Mrs. Robin that spring would soon be there. In a few days it was there.

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