Apple Pie Prank

Jackie Jester was born on April Fool’s Day and because of that he loved to play pranks on his family. However, his family also love to play pranks on him. They always made sure their pranks were safe.

“Jackie’s birthday is coming up soon,” said Mother.

“Yes,” said Father. “It is. Have you thought of any pranks you would like to play on him.”

“I sure have,” said Mother.

“Aren’t you going to tell me what it is?” asked Father.

“Absolutely not,” laughed Mother.

Father already knew the answer to that question long before he asked it. In a family of pranksters, one never gives up his secret in fear the prank will backfire on them.

The day of Jackie’s birthday came. Father saw Mother baking Jackie’s birthday cake. He also saw her put apple pie filling in the cake.

“I know what her prank on Jackie is,” said Father to himself. “She knows Jackie loves apple pie. She also knows everyone gets cake for their birthday, not pie. This is her way of giving Jackie what he loves.”

That afternoon Father bought a regular cake and switched the apple pie cake with it.

“What is going on?” asked Mother, seeing Jackie cut into a regular cake.

“I am cutting my birthday cake,” said Jackie.

“I know that,” said Mother.” But that is just a regular birthday cake.”

Jackie was confused.

“Is this what you are looking for?” asked Father, bringing out the apple pie cake.

“Why you!” shouted Mother.

“What is going on?” asked Jackie.

“Your mother put apple pie filling in the cake she made for your birthday,” explained Father.

“Oh,” said Jackie.” My April Fool’s Day prank!”

“Yes,” said Father. “However, I saw what she was doing so I switched her cake for a regular one. I beat her at her own prank.”

“Happy birthday,” said Mother and Father, laughing.

Father went into the kitchen to get the ice-cream for the cake. He scooped a big serving on Jackie’s plate but then realized it wasn’t ice-cream, It was whipped cream.

“Looks like you got beat at your own prank too,” laughed Jackie.

“Why you!” shouted Father, laughing.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always play safe pranks.
  • Example: Jackie Jester was born on April Fool’s Day. His family love to play pranks but they are always safe pranks.

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