Police Report – DAY 2

Was in Ontario today. Was alone in this investigation. Taylor had some important business to take care of. I couldn’t wait around for him to come back.

I did some serious thinking about the case. Don’t really have any leads yet. Got a call from Jesse and JD’s cell phone providers. There weren’t any phone numbers that stood out as being suspicious so that is a dead end.

Now, going through the list of suspects, there are quite a few Storyland characters that can be automatically eliminated. The reason for this is because they are seasonal. We are in the spring season right now so any spring characters will still be considered suspects. I won’t list all the seasonal characters that I have eliminated but I am sure you can figure out which characters they are. I am also eliminating the Canadian Family characters, the Learn New Words characters and the Fresh Veggie Family characters. This will shorten the list of suspects down considerably.

I talked to a few Storyland characters today that are in Ontario. I thought maybe someone from Ontario would know where Jesse and JD are, since that is where Jesse is originally from.

Travelin’ Rick was on my list of suspects because he does travel frequently between Ontario, Alberta and BC. However, when speaking to him, he told me he is going to be starring in a brand new Storyland book for Easter so, I really don’t see him being involved in this case. I crossed him off my list of suspects.

I thought of Jen-Jen because she doesn’t live that far from Travelin’ Rick. However, Jen-Jen is just too sweet and innocent to be a part of such an elaborate and high profile disappearance. She doesn’t have any motive. She can be crossed off the list of suspects.

I ran into Chester Chipmunk today. He was very busy and was distracted with the spring weather. I don’t see him as being a suspect in this case so, he can be crossed off the list of suspects.

Racum Raccoon was also busy and distracted because of the spring weather. He can be crossed off the list of suspects as well.

I am going to be going back out west tomorrow to continue this Investigation.

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