A Stubbed Toe

Storm Angel went for a walk one nice winter day. There was a rock in the middle of the walkway. Storm Angel didn’t see it. He stubbed his toe on it.

“Ouch!” cried Storm Angel. “That hurt!”

Storm Angel bent down. He took off his sock and shoe. His big toe was red and throbbing.

“It hurts so much,” said Storm Angel. “Someone is going to pay for this.”

“Pay for what?” a familiar voice asked.

“Oh Sally!” exclaimed Storm Angel. “I stubbed my toe on a rock and it hurts so much. Someone has to pay for this.”

Storm Angel grabbed his big copper brewing pot and started brewing the worst winter storm he could.

“You know it was nobody’s fault that you stubbed your toe,” said Sally. “You also know that the storms you create are dangerous.”

Sally was Storm Angel’s best friend. She always told him that creating the winter storms he creates is dangerous. However, Storm Angel was very stubborn and he didn’t listen to her.

Storm Angel brewed up some nasty storm clouds and a lot of snow.

“If you stop the storm,” said Sally. “I will buy you an ice-cream cone.”

“What flavour?” asked Storm Angel.

“Whatever flavour you want,” said Sally.

“Okay,” said Storm Angel.

Storm Angel stopped the storm and Sally bought him the biggest ice-cream cone she could.

“This is helping my toe feel better,” said Storm Angel.

“I was hoping it would,” said Sally, happy she was able to stop the storm Storm Angel created.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is not good to try to make someone pay just because you stubbed your toe.
  • Example: Storm Angel stubbed his toe so he wanted someone to pay for it.

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