A Broken Heart

“I am sad on Valentine’s Day,” said Happy Heart. “I don’t like being sad.”

“It is my fault that you are sad,” said Happy Heart’s friend, Hazel. “I have a broken heart since Herbert broke up with me.”

“Yes,” said Happy Heart. “You do and we need to fix it. We can’t have you with a broken heart on Valentine’s Day. If we can fix your broken heart then I won’t be sad anymore. I don’t like being sad on Valentine’s Day.”

“I would love to fix my broken heart,” said Hazel. “What can we do to fix it?”

“Okay,” said Happy Heart. “What would be the one thing in this world that you would want and would take your mind off your broken heart?”

Hazel thought long and hard about what Happy Heart had just asked her.

“Chocolate,” said Hazel. “Chocolate would definitely take my mind off my broken heart.”

“Very good,” said Happy Heart. “I just happen to have some chocolate hearts. I will go get them.”

Happy Heart got her box of chocolate hearts out and the two sat down and ate some of them. Soon, Hazel had forgotten all about her broken heart. This made Happy Heart very happy.

“This is much better,” said Hazel. “No more broken heart.”

“Yes it is,” said Happy Heart. “No more being sad for me. “Happy Valentine’s Day!”


Moral of this Story:

  • Chocolate can mend a broken heart.
  • Example: Hazel had a broken heart after Herbert broke up with her. Happy Heart gave her some chocolate which helped her feel better.

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