Puppy Love

It was Valentine’s Day. Happy Heart was taking out the garbage and while doing so, she heard a puppy whimpering. She went over and saw the cutest pure white puppy behind her garbage can. She picked it up.

“You are adorable,” said Happy Heart, snuggling him closely. “You are freezing though. Let’s get you inside.”

Happy Heart took the puppy inside and gave him something to eat and drink. Then she found a blanket for him. She set the blanket on the floor and the puppy curled up into it.

“Oh what a sweetheart,” said Happy Heart, watching the puppy sleep. “I am falling in love with him.”

There was a knock on the door. Happy Heart went to answer it.

“Hi!,” said Happy Heart’s neighbour, Gloria. “I have lost one of my puppies and was wondering if he happened to wander over this way.”

“He is on the blanket right there,” said Happy Heart, her heart sinking as she showed Gloria where he was.

“He is so adorable,” said Gloria, lifting him up.

“He certainly is,” said Happy Heart.

“I have to find him a home,” said Gloria. “All the others have been spoken for.”

“You know,” said Happy Heart, her heart leaping with joy. “I would love to keep him. In the short time he has been here, I have already fallen for him.”

“I see no reason why you can’t keep him,” said Gloria.

“Thank you,” said Happy Heart. “I am so excited and so in love with him. I am going to call him Valentine!”

“Perfect,” said Gloria, handing Valentine to Happy Heart. “And what a perfect name!”


Moral of this Story:

  • Pets can give us such joy.
  • Example: Happy Heart fell in love with her new puppy, Valentine as soon as she saw him behind her garbage can.

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