Police Report – Day 3

Flew to Calgary today and met with a few Storyland characters. I still don’t have any solid leads as to the disappearance of Jesse and JD but I was able to cross off a lot of characters off my list of suspects today so it was a very productive day. The more suspects I can cross off, the closer I will be to finding out which Storyland character Jesse and JD are with.

Bad Teeth Bradley wanted me to find Jesse and JD quickly because he really enjoys listening to them. He also said they play the best music. I don’t see what a candy munching character would want with Jesse and JD so I crossed him off my list of suspects.

I bumped into Franny Granny at the supermarket. She told me that she only listens to country music so she had no  idea who Jesse and JD were. She can be crossed of my list.

Angry Cat was outside trying to catch a mouse. He listens to CJAY 92 and he loves Jesse and JD. He also said he doesn’t believe any animal or plant characters would have anything to do with Jesse and JD’s disappearance. He said all the animals he knows are pretty busy at this time of the year and plants, he said, they pretty much stick to garden areas.

I agreed with Angry Cat and so I crossed off all animal and plant characters off my list of suspects. That really shortened the list of suspects considerably.

I visited Bobby the Butcher. When I walked into the butcher shop, I was pretty sure CJAY 92 was playing but Bobby Butler quickly changed the station. Not sure why that was. I asked him about it. He did say it was a coincidence. I asked Bobby where he was at the time of Jesse and JD’s disappearance. He said he was there, in the butcher shop the whole day. He told me he is the only one working the butcher shop right now because his mother was sick with the flu. Bobby did seem sincere so I crossed him off my list.

I saw Gertie walking toward her apartment building. She asked me if I had found Jesse and JD yet. I was surprised that she knew them because she seemed more of a country fan. She said it depended on what type of mood she was in as to what station she played on the radio. Gertie was very talkative but I don’t believe she had anything to do with Jesse and JD’s disappearance. She can be crossed off the list.

Mr. Egghead was at the University. He said he knows about Jesse and JD because all the students are talking about them.  I asked Mr. Egghead where he was the night Jesse and J D went missing. He said he was in the lab doing some research. He looked sincere enough. I crossed him off the list.

I will be here in Calgary and surrounding area tomorrow. I will get a very early start tomorrow morning. Hopefully, I can get a good solid lead on this investigation.

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