Police Report – DAY 1

Spoke with Cutie and Arrow. Cutie was embarrassed about JD’s disappearance because she worried JD was trying to avoid her after their highly public date. Asked Cutie if anything strange happened on the date. She said JD was quite the gentleman. She said nothing strange happened and that it was a perfect date.  Arrow last saw JD at the restaurant when JD told Cutie he wasn’t paying for Arrow’s dinner because he couldn’t afford to feed him. Asked Arrow if he was upset about that. Arrow didn’t seem to care. He was more interested in teasing Cutie. We can cross Cutie and Arrow off our list of suspects.

We were close to the bakery in Storyland so we stopped in to see Angry Baker. We asked him if he had seen Jesse or JD. Angry Baker was angry with a customer for spilling a cup of coffee on the floor so he was too busy to speak with us but we did speak with Melissa, Angry Baker’s fianc√©e. She said Angry Baker did not listen to the radio and wouldn’t have known who Jesse and JD were. She, on the other hand, knew exactly who they were. She said she seen them about a week ago. JD had come in and ordered a coffee to go. She was upset that Jesse and JD were missing. I think we can cross Angry Baker and Melissa off our list of suspects.

Taylor is close friends with Billy Troll so we talked to him. Billy Troll had heard of Jesse and JD and the CJAY 92 morning show. He had been trying to get them to play his music. They finally played his latest single last week. I doubt if Billy Troll is a suspect. We can cross him off our list.

We did find out that Jesse and JD have their cell phones but aren’t answering them. They haven’t taken any money out of their bank accounts. We are waiting for a report from the cell phone company to see if any calls had been placed on them.

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