Neon Cop Goes Ice Skating

“It is very cold outside,” said Neon Cop, coming into the house after work one evening.

“I keep telling you that you shouldn’t wear shorts in the winter,” said Neon Cop’s wife, Suzie.

Suzie was referring to the fact that Neon Cop wore fluorescent coloured shorts and tops all year long. That was the reason he was called the Neon Cop.

“I think I have to agree with you,” said Neon Cop. “It sure is cold this winter.”

Neon Cop went upstairs to change into some warmer clothes. When he came downstairs, Jenny, his step-daughter was in the kitchen helping her mother set the table for dinner.

“I am so bored,” said Jenny. “This has been a very cold winter. I am tired of being stuck in the house. We should do something after supper.”

“What would you like to do?” asked Neon Cop.

“I would like to go skating,” said Jenny.

“Skating,” said Neon Cop. “Oh boy! I have never skated, ever.”

“Really,” said Jenny. “I can teach you.”

“I don’t know,” said Neon Cop. “I don’t even own a pair of skates.”

“You can rent a pair at the arena,” said Suzie. “I think we should go skating. I haven’t skated in a long time either.”

“Okay,” said Neon Cop. “Let’s go skating!”

Jenny, Suzie and Neon Cop ate their dinner and then they went to the arena. Neon Cop was trying to tie his skates up but Suzie saw he was having a problem. She set her purse down and helped Neon Cop tie his skates.

“My purse!” yelled Suzie, as she saw someone pick up her purse and walk away with it.

Jenny saw the culprit run onto the ice. She skated over to him as fast as she could and tripped him. The culprit fell onto the ice. Jenny grabbed her mother’s purse from him.

“Good work!” exclaimed Neon Cop, coming up behind Jenny.

“You are skating!” exclaimed Jenny.

“Well it was the adrenaline of seeing you chase this guy down,” said Neon Cop. “I am not too old to learn new skills.”

Neon Cop gave the culprit a stern warning and he, Jenny and Suzie went skating. They had a great time on the ice together. Neon Cop was a pro and Jenny and Suzie loved it. They spent many winter nights at the arena, skating.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to learn new skills.
  • Example: Neon Cop had never skated before but then he saw Jenny trip the man that stole his wife’s purse and he skated after her like a pro.

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