Neon Cop’s Winter Investigation

Neon Cop’s Winter Investigation …

Suzie was cooking dinner. She was making Jenny and Rick’s favourite winter dish, beef stew.

“I wonder where Jenny is,” thought Suzie, while she cut up the potatoes and put them in the pot. “She should have been home an hour ago.”

Suzie looked outside. She could see it was storming out.

“I hope she gets home soon,” thought Suzie. “I am really starting to get worried.”

Suzie saw her husband, Rick, pull up into the driveway. She was relieved because she felt he would know where Jenny was.

Rick, the Neon Cop, and Suzie’s daughter, Jenny, were inseparable ever since the day Rick found her alone on a beach. Suzie had no choice but to leave Jenny on the beach, alone. She had a job interview and couldn’t take Jenny with her. Unfortunately, Suzie was involved in a car accident and ended up in a coma.

“Do you know where Jenny is?” asked Suzie, once Rick walked in the door.

“Is she not home yet?” asked Rick, worried. “School was out over an hour ago.”

“No,” said Suzie. “She’s not.”

“Did you call the school?” asked Rick. “I will take the car around and see if I can find her.”

Rick was very worried but he didn’t want Suzie to worry. Rick was working on a child abduction case at work. He prayed Jenny was not a new victim and he prayed he would locate her quickly.

Just as Rick pulled out of the driveway, he noticed a strange car circling the street. He then saw Jenny walking on the sidewalk about a block away. He saw the strange car pull up beside Jenny and the passenger door of the car opened up.

Rick drove his car up the block and parked behind the strange car. Jenny recognized it and ran as fast as she could to Rick’s car. Before the strange car drove away, Rick reached through the driver’s side and grabbed the door handle. He pulled the driver out of the car. He recognized the driver right away as the lead suspect in the child abduction case.

Rick called into the police station and a police car was sent to his location within a few minutes. The suspect was taken into custody.

“I am sorry,” said Jenny, later that evening. “I left you a note on the counter. “I had some research to do at the library for a school paper.”

“We were so worried,” said Suzie.

“We are so relieved you are safe,” said Rick.

“You did such a great job arresting that guy in that car,” said Jenny.

“What guy?” asked Suzie.

Rick told Suzie all about what happened.

“Oh dear,” said Suzie. “I am so proud of you and Jenny, I am so glad that you are home safe and sound.”

“Thank you,” said Rick. “I am so relieved that Jenny is okay, too.”

“I am,” said Jenny.

“I am very happy to hear that,” said Rick.

“Yes,” said Suzie. “We were pretty worried.”

“We certainly were,” said Rick. “A little more than normal.”

Moral of this Story:

  • Try to come home on time.
  • Example: Rick and Suzie were very worried about Jenny because she didn’t come home from school on time.
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