Neon Cop’s Slippery Capture

“Neon Cop,” said his wife, Suzie, one winter afternoon, while she was cleaning the house one winter morning. “Jenny needs a new pair of shoes. Do you mind taking her to the mall?”

“No,” said Neon Cop. “I don’t mind at all.”

Neon Cop and his step-daughter, Jenny, went to the shoe store at the mall. Jenny had her shoes picked out quickly. She was standing beside Neon Cop while he paid for the shoes.

Jenny saw a woman with a baby stroller sit down on a bench to try a pair of shoes on. A man walked up to the stroller. He waited until the woman looked away and he ran out of the store with the stroller.

Jenny ran after him. Neon Cop had just put his wallet in his pocket. He saw Jenny chasing the man with the stroller and he heard the woman screaming.

“My baby!” screamed the woman. “That man stole my baby!”

Neon Cop ran after Jenny and the man with the stroller. The parking lot was very slippery. Neon Cop only had his running shoes on. He slid past Jenny and ran right into the man, knocking him over. Jenny was able to grab the stroller. She made sure that the baby was safe.

“You two saved my baby!” cried the woman, running out of the store and over to where Neon Cop, Jenny and the man were. “Thank you so much!”

The woman glared at the man and then she started screaming and yelling at him.

“How dare you try to steal my baby?” the woman screamed.

Neon Cop, who had the man in handcuffs, took him to his car and put him in the back seat.

“I can’t thank you enough,” said the woman.

“We are just grateful we were able to get your baby back to you,” said Neon Cop.

“Wait!” said the woman, recognizing him. “You are the Neon Cop, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” said Neon Cop. “I am.”

“This is amazing,” said the woman. “I am so honoured it was you that saved my baby.”

“I can’t take all the credit,” said Neon Cop. “If it wasn’t for my step-daughter, we might never have gotten the man.”

“I just can’t tell you enough how grateful I am to the two of you,” said the woman


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to help out when you can.
  • Example: Jenny saw a man take a stroller out of the shoe store. She ran after him.

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