Christmas Help From Christmas Angel

“It is Christmas Eve,” said Christmas Angel. “It is a beautiful evening, too. Oh, how I love Christmas!”

Christmas Angel walked along the streets of Storyland. She saw the houses all lit up with Christmas lights. She saw the shops were closing one by one so that the employers and employees could go home to be with their families and loved ones.

“Oh dear,” said Christmas Angel, when she bumped into an elderly woman, knocking her bag of groceries out of her hand. “I am so sorry. I wasn’t watching where I was going. Let me help you with those.”

Christmas Angel picked up the groceries that had fallen. She took the bags from the elderly woman and rearranged the groceries for her.

“Thank you,” said the elderly woman. “I wasn’t watching where I was going either.”

“I will help you carry these home,” said Christmas Angel.

“I would appreciate that very much,” said the elderly woman, looking up and seeing the halo on top of Christmas Angel’s head. “Did you just come from a Christmas pageant?”

“Not exactly,” said Christmas Angel. “I was sent here to help you and make sure you have a good Christmas. I am Christmas Angel.”

“My name is Hazel,” said the elderly woman. “I am afraid I won’t be having much of a Christmas this year.”

“I am sorry to hear that,” said Christmas Angel. “What is going on?”

“Well,” said Hazel. “I will be all alone this Christmas. I have no family and my cat, Fluffy, ran away this morning.”

“I must help you find Fluffy,” said Christmas Angel.

Christmas Angel and Hazel arrived at Hazel’s front porch. Once she helped bring the groceries in, she left to find Fluffy. Hazel had given her a picture of Fluffy so she would know which cat to look for.

“Now,” said Christmas Angel, walking through the park nearly. “If I were a cat, where would I be?”

Christmas Angel saw some flashing red lights at the far end of the park. She looked and she saw a fire truck on the side of the road. It was parked in front of a huge maple tree. A fireman was on the ladder of the fire truck. It looked like he was trying to rescue a cat from the tree.

“Fluffy!” exclaimed Christmas Angel, recognizing the cat from the photograph Hazel had given to her. “Hazel will be so happy I found you.”

Christmas Angel explained to the firemen that Fluffy belonged to Hazel and that Hazel was going to be spending Christmas alone.

“Nonsense,” said the firemen.” Nobody spends Christmas alone.”

The firemen had some extra Christmas gifts in their truck. They followed Christmas Angel to Hazel’s house. Fluffy was in the front seat of the fire truck on one of the firemen’s lap.

Hazel was so thrilled to see Fluffy. She hugged him tight. She was grateful to the firemen and also to Christmas Angel for all their help. She knew this was going to be a happy Christmas for her after all.

“Thank you firemen,” said Hazel.” Thank you, Christmas Angel.”

“Merry Christmas!” exclaimed Christmas Angel, hugging Hazel.

“Meow!” cried Fluffy, happily.

Moral of this Story:

    • There is a Christmas Angel.
    • Example: Christmas Angel helped Hazel find her cat, Fluffy.
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