Arrow and Cutie’s Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was finally here
It was time for two cats to cheer
Mommy had just put them to bed
But, Arrow kissed Cutie on her head

Cutie turned to Arrow and hissed
For she didn’t like to be kissed
Swat, swat, swat went her paws
But, at least she didn’t use her claws

Arrow’s feelings were very hurt
He was now wide awake and alert
Right down the stairs he snuck
Knowing with Cutie, he never had any luck

There, sitting at the bottom of the stairs
With her attitude of “who cares”
Sat precious Cutie, wagging her tail
Telling Arrow to stop being a snail

The clock had just struck midnight
When Arrow and Cutie caught sight
Of eight reindeer flying high
In the pitch black dark sky

Arrow and Cutie ran so fast
Up the stairs and to sleep at last
They didn’t want to get caught being haughty
By St. Nick who might think they were naughty


Moral of this Story:

  • Arrow shouldn’t kiss Cutie.
  • Example: Arrow kissed Cutie on Christmas Eve and she swatted him.

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