Everyone is Happy to See Mrs. Robin

“It is spring,” said Mrs. Robin, who was down on the ground, collecting worms for her three babies. “However, it is still very cold out here.”

It was getting harder for Mrs. Robin to even find worms because of the cold. Mrs. Robin wanted the warmer weather to come. She wasn’t the only one.

“Look Mommy,” said a little girl, pointing at Mrs. Robin. “A robin!”

“You are right,” said the little girl’s mother. “It is a robin! Seeing a robin means that spring is finally here.”

“How can spring be here when it is so cold outside?” asked the little girl.

“You watch,” said the little girl’s mother. “It will warm up. A robin is a sure sign of spring.”

Mrs. Robin watched the little girl and she saw her smile. That made her very happy.

The next day, it was warmer than the previous day. Mrs. Robin was out, once again, gathering worms.

“A robin!” pointed an older gentleman. “Now, that is a sure sign of spring.”

“It sure is,” said an older woman, holding hands with the older gentleman. “It is so good to see. I have been waiting for a sign of spring.”

The older gentleman and older woman smiled as they walked past Mrs. Robin. That made Mrs. Robin very happy.

Day after day it continued to get warmer. Mrs. Robin knew that spring was finally here, once and for all and it made her and everyone else very happy.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is always nice to see a robin in spring.
  • Example: Everyone was very happy to see Mrs. Robin.

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