Mrs. Robin and the Balsam Poplar Tree

It was a beautiful spring day. Mrs. Robin was in her nest, tending to the needs of her three babies. They were enjoying the warm spring sunshine.

“What is that noise I hear?” asked Mrs. Robin, hearing a lot of different sounds from below.

Mrs. Robin looked out and over the side of her nest. She saw a few men down on the ground below and they were wearing hard hats. She saw one man with a chainsaw in his hands. It looked to her like he was going to cut down the tree her and her babies lived in.

“No!” screamed Mrs. Robin as she flew down out of the nest as quickly as she could.

Mrs. Robin landed on the hard hat of one of the men. She started pecking on his hard hat. She quickly realized that she was not getting a reaction from him so she flew frantically from one man to the other.

“Hey Steve,” said one of the men, who finally noticed her. “I think that robin is trying to tell us something.”

“Tim, it sure looks that way,” said Steve, watching Mrs. Robin. “I wonder what she is trying to tell us.”

Mrs. Robin saw that she finally had the men’s attention. She flew back up into the nest. The men saw her. They also saw the nest.

“Oh my!” exclaimed the man holding the chainsaw. “I bet she thinks we are going to cut down her tree.”

“Harold, I think you are right,” said Tim.. “That is one beautiful balsam poplar tree she is in. It will be years before it is ready to be cut down.”

Harold waved up to Mrs. Robin. He then proceeded to cut down a scraggly old elm tree next to Mrs. Robin’s balsam poplar tree. Mrs. Robin breathed a sigh of relief knowing that her balsam poplar tree, her nest and more importantly, her babies, were going to be safe.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is always a relief to know that your family is safe.
  • Example: Mrs. Robin was frantic because she thought the tree where she lived in was going to get cut down. She had her three babies in a nest in that tree so she wanted to make sure they were safe.
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