Missy Big Words – Spectacular

“The leaves on the trees this autumn are spectacular,” said Missy Big Word’s father, standing outside in the backyard.

“Yes they are,” said Missy Big Words. “Spectacular is a big word.”

“It sure is,” said Daddy. “Do you know what spectacular means?”

“It means beautiful,” said Missy Big Words. “And impressive.”

“Very good,” said Daddy. “I have an idea. I have been so busy in the garage with work and you have been busy with school. We haven’t had much time to spend together lately. Why don’t we go for a drive and go see some more autumn leaves?”

“Yes,” said Missy Big Words. “I would love to see some more spectacular colours.”

“Excellent,” said Daddy. “Let’s go!”

Missy Big Words and Daddy went for a drive that afternoon and they both enjoyed the spectacular autumn colours. They had a lot of fun together and they enjoyed their quality time together too.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to spend quality time with loved ones.
  • Example: Missy Big Words and Daddy went for a drive to see the spectacular autumn leaves.

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