Afraid of Spiders

Tilly, the Wicked Witch was all ready for Halloween night. Her house was sparkling from top to bottom. She had all her Halloween decorations strung up. Her cauldron was sparkling clean and had a fresh new batch of witches brew bubbling away.

Tilly had bowls of candy set out for the trick-or-treaters that she knew would be showing up soon. Tilly was the star attraction of the town on Halloween night. Everyone wanted to see the “real live witch”.

Things were going really well. Tilly had already given out two big bowls of candy and was setting out the third when one child showed up in a spider costume.

“Trick-or-treat,” shouted the child, holding her bag out.

Tilly froze. She couldn’t move. She couldn’t speak.

“Hey,” said the child. “Can I have some candy please?”

“No,” said Tilly, finally finding her voice. “You can’t have any.”

“Why not?” asked the child, looking at Tilly’s third bowl of candy. “You have lots!”

“I don’t like spiders,” said Tilly. “I am afraid of them.”

“But you are a witch,” said the child. “Witches aren’t supposed to be afraid of anything.”

“Tell you what,” said Tilly. “Take off your mask and then you can have some candy.”

The child took off her mask. Tilly gave the child some candy and then grabbed the child’s arm.

“Don’t you say a word to anyone about me being afraid of spiders?” asked Tilly. “A secret like that could ruin me.”

“I won’t,” said the child.

Tilly gave the child an extra handful of candy, just in case.


Moral of this Story:

  • Even witches are afraid of something.
  • Example: Tilly is afraid of spiders. She was afraid of her secret getting out so she gave a child, who dressed up as a spider, an extra handful of Halloween candy just to keep her secret.

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