A Ruined Spell

Tilly, the Wicked Witch was standing by her cauldron, stirring her latest batch of a concoction for an evil spell.

“I just need one more ingredient,” said Tilly, reading her spell book. “I need a whisker from a mouse.”

Tilly knew she had a mouse in her house. The mouse would come out of his hole every afternoon. Tilly went to her fridge and took out a piece of cheese. She waited and waited for the mouse to show but he didn’t.

“My batch will be ruined,” cried Tilly. “Why won’t that mouse show up?”

Tilly kept stirring her cauldron, keeping her eyes peeled to the mouse hole. The mouse never showed up.

“What will I do?” cried Tilly, desperately. “I need a whisker or my spell won’t be any good. I don’t understand why that mouse isn’t showing up.”

Tilly was fretting. She needed a whisker. She then spotted her black cat, Joey.

“Cats have whiskers,” said Tilly. “Maybe I will pluck a whisker from Joey instead.”

Tilly offered Joey the piece of cheese she was going to give to the mouse. As soon as Tilly saw Joey eating the cheese, she plucked a whisker from him.

“I’ve got a whisker,” said Tilly, smiling, after she received a few scratches on her hand from Joey.

Tilly dropped Joey’s whisker into her concoction and wasn’t expecting the whole batch to evaporate right in front of her eyes. She was so angry. She screamed until her face turned blue.

The next day, the mouse did show up as he usually does.

“What happened to you yesterday?” shouted Tilly at the top of her lungs. “I needed a whisker from you for my evil spell. I was even going to give you a piece of cheese.”

“I know,” said the mouse. “I read your spell book the day before. I didn’t want you to pluck my whiskers. That would have hurt.”

Tilly took a broom and swatted at the mouse. The mouse ran to his hole.

“You are a nasty little creature!” screamed Tilly.

From that day on, Tilly never saw that mouse again. The mouse was still there. He would come out of his hole only when he knew Tilly was not around.


Moral of this Story:

  • Don’t underestimate a mouse.
  • Example: Tilly, the Wicked Witch thought she could just pluck a whisker off the mouse that lives in her house. The mouse had other ideas.

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