Strong Autumn Wind

“That wind looks very strong today,” said Mr. Red Leaf, watching the wind pick up and swirl a huge pile of autumn leaves around. “I don’t like the wind and I want it to stop.”

Mr. Red Leaf lived in a huge maple tree until he was blown away from it, one day. He has been angry with the wind ever since. He wasn’t ready to leave the comfort and security of his home.

Mr. Red Leaf was bound and determined to get the better of the autumn wind and to not let the wind pick him up and swirl him around. He watched that pile of leaves intently. He saw a fence and he saw several leaves were pinned up against the fence but the leaves weren’t swirling around.

Mr. Red Leaf walked over to the fence and when he saw the wind approaching him, he pinned himself up against the fence and he held on tight.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Mr. Red Leaf. “This is wonderful. I actually have control over the wind and it feels good.”

Every day, from that day forth, Mr. Red Leaf would pin himself to the fence whenever he saw the wind approach. He felt good and he felt in control and it was a wonderful feeling.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good when you have control over the weather.
  • Example: Mr. Red Leaf found a way to get control over the strong autumn wind.

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