Cool Autumn Wind

“That wind was so cold,” said Mr. Red Leaf, watching as a gust of autumn wind blew around the base of a maple tree that was once his home. “It is no wonder I don’t like the wind.”

Mr. Red Leaf had many reasons to be angry at the wind. It was the wind that blew him down out of the safety and comfort of his home, a huge maple tree. He wasn’t ready to leave the tree. The wind continually tries to blow him around and now it is making him cold.

“I don’t like the wind,” said Mr. Red Leaf. “I especially don’t like when the wind is cold.”

Mr. Red Leaf knew he had to get warm. He didn’t like that he was cold. He wasn’t really sure what he could do. He took a look around at his surroundings. There was the base of the maple tree, a fence and a big pile of leaves.

“The tree isn’t going to keep me warm,” said  Mr. Red Leaf. “The fence won’t help me either but maybe the pile of leaves will.”

Mr. Red Leaf walked over to the pile of leaves. He climbed into the middle of the pile. He noticed that there was some warmth there and it felt good.

“This is much better,” said Mr. Red Leaf. “I am so happy now that I am warm.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Do your best to stay warm.
  • Example: Mr. Red Leaf found that if he climbed into a pile of leaves he could stay warm.

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