Forgotten Birthday

Racum Raccoon sat around in his den in the Big Dark Forest waiting and hoping that someone would come and visit him. See, today was Racum’s birthday but nobody seemed to remember, except of course his parents. Racum was kind of sad about this because he always made a special point of remembering the birthday’s of his friends.

“Well,” said Mrs. Raccoon, dusting Racum’s room. “That is too bad. Not one of your friends remembered your birthday.”

“Yes,” said Racum, not really wanting to talk about it. “I am very disappointed. Some friends I have.”

Just then Racum’s mother heard a knock at the door.

“Racum, dear,” she said. “Be a good little raccoon and go see who is at the door.”

Racum went down the stairs slowly, with his head hung low. He opened the door and did not even look at who was there.

“Surprise!” screamed Mad Dog Wolf at the top of his lungs, carrying a large parcel.

“Happy Birthday!” exclaimed Sly Fox, with a huge birthday cake in his arms.

“Bet you thought we forgot all about you,” said Katie Coyote.

“Oh you guys!” exclaimed Racum, finally looking up and finally being able to smile for the first time that day. “I really did think you had forgotten all about me!”

Racum was so thrilled that his friends had remembered his birthday that he had forgotten to invite his friends in.

“Racum,” said his mother, as she was coming down the stairs. “Where are your manners? Invite your friends in.”

“Sorry,” said Racum to his mother.

Racum invited his friends in and Mrs. Raccoon suggested that they should go downstairs to the basement so that they would have more room to play. Racum did not know that his mother had decorated the basement for a birthday party for him.

“That was the best birthday party I’ve ever had,” said Racum to his mother when she tucked him into bed that night.

“I’m glad,” said Mrs. Raccoon. “I was afraid I was going to have to tell you all about it soon because you just looked so sad.”

“You knew all about it!” exclaimed Racum.

“Yes,” said Mrs. Raccoon. “I did but Mad Dog Wolf, Sly Fox and Katie Coyote did not want me to tell you because it was their surprise to you.”

“I was definitely surprised,” said Racum. “Definitely!”

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