Icy Cold

“Make sure the children bundle up warm today when they get ready for school,” said Poor Mountain Father. “It is icy cold outside today.”

“The children aren’t going anywhere today,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “It is Saturday.”

“Are you sure it is Saturday?” asked Poor Mountain Father.

“I’m sure,” said Poor Mountain Mother.

“That means I don’t have to go anywhere today either,” said Poor Mountain Father.

“Good,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “Maybe we can get around to doing some of the indoor chores today.”

“Sure,” said Poor Mountain Father. “It would be a nice change working indoors.”

Poor Mountain Mother handed a list of chores to Poor Mountain Father and he got to starting them right away. By lunch, he had the chores half-finished. Poor Mountain Mother made a nice warm lunch for Poor Mountain Father and then she found a few more chores to add to the list.

An hour later, Poor Mountain Mother came into the living room and found Poor Mountain Father sound asleep on the couch. In his hand was the list of chores. She took the list and put it away.

“Hey,” said Poor Mountain Father, when he woke up about an hour later. “Where is my chore list?”

“Put away for another icy cold day,” said Poor Mountain Mother.

“Oh okay,” said Poor Mountain Father, glad that he didn’t have to finish his chores.

“I did hear that the weather is going to be the same tomorrow,” said Poor Mountain Mother, laughing.


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes it is okay to put off your chores for another day.
  • Example: Poor Mountain Father fell asleep when he should have been doing his chores. Poor Mountain Mother told him he could save the chores for another day.

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