Valentine’s Day in the Mountains

Hello everyone! This is Mountain Kid. It is Valentine’s Day today and I’m just getting myself all cleaned up. I’ve got a date tonight with Melissa. Melissa is about the prettiest mountain girl that I have ever laid eyes on.

Melissa and I are just going to come back to my log cabin. I have cooked a nice romantic meal just for the two of us. Roasted moose with mashed potatoes and heaps of gravy. I even made a blueberry pie for dessert with blue berries that I picked fresh myself.

I have a bouquet of wild flowers for Melissa. I picked them myself so I’m really hoping that she isn’t allergic to them. I made sure there was no weeds in with them.

I am going to play Melissa some of my favourite music on my guitar. Melissa likes old country music and I have been practicing all week long.

I sure hope Melissa likes everything I’ve done for her for Valentine’s Day. I might not have much money to spend but I certainly can have a lot of fun with what I do have.

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