Twenty Below Zero

“Oh my!” exclaimed Mommy, looking at the thermometer. “The temperature is dropping fast. I’d better call Jimmy in. He’s going to freeze to death out there.”

Jimmy was outside building a snowman. He was having a lot of fun. However, Jimmy noticed that some frost was beginning to form on the end of his mittens.

“Oh no,” said Jimmy, dropping the stick that he was holding onto. “It’s starting to get colder out here.”

Just then, Jimmy noticed that a flock of birds flew over top of him.

“Oh, the poor birds must be getting cold, too,” said Jimmy.

“Jimmy!” exclaimed Mommy. “Come on inside now. It’s getting too cold out here.”

Jimmy saw his mother’s breath.

“Oh boy,” said Jimmy. “It sure is getting cold out, but Mommy, I want to stay outside and play.”

“Just for a few more minutes,” said Mommy. “I’m making something special for you.”

“Okay,” said Jimmy.

Jimmy went over to pick up the stick that he had dropped. He tugged and tugged at it, but he couldn’t wriggle it free.

“It’s frozen,” said Jimmy. “Imagine that. It’s so cold out here that it is freezing everything.”

Jimmy walked around the back yard looking for a new stick. He needed to put arms on his snowman. He looked everywhere and the only sticks that he found were frozen solid.

“Yesterday I could have gotten any one of these sticks out of the snow banks,” said Jimmy. “It must be cold!”

Jimmy began to notice that his feet were tingling in his boots and his fingers were tingling in his mittens.

“I think I’d better get inside now,” said Jimmy. “I’m frozen. If I stay out here any longer, I would freeze solid just like everything else.”

“Oh my!” said Mommy, looking at Jimmy’s red face. “You sure look like you are cold.”

“That’s because I am,” said Jimmy, starting to undress.

“Well, hang your things up,” said Mommy and then come here.

Jimmy did as he was told. Then, he went into the kitchen and sat down at the table. Sitting in front of him was a mug of hot chocolate and some marshmallows floating on top.

“Oh Mommy!” exclaimed Jimmy. “You want to know what the best thing about being cold is?”

“What?” asked Mommy.

“Coming inside,” said Jimmy. “And having a mug of my favourite hot chocolate with marshmallows in it!”

Mommy went over and gave Jimmy a big hug and kiss.

“That’s the other thing that I like about coming in from outside,” said Jimmy. “Your kisses always warm me up!”

Moral of this Story:

  • The best thing about winter is having hot chocolate and marshmallows.
  • Example: Mommy made Jimmy some hot chocolate and marshmallows for when he came inside from being outdoors in the cold.
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