Mr. Winter and Christmas Snow

The winter season had just begun and there was no snow.

“Christmas was only a few days away!” cried Mrs. Turner, when she saw Mr. Winter walking downtown in Calgary, Alberta. “No snow yet! Christmas is right around the corner. It would be nice if we had some snow.”

“Where is all the snow for Christmas?” asked Mr. Bertram, when he saw Mr. Winter.

“Snow for Christmas would be nice,” said Miss Davis.

Those were the comments Mr. Winter heard from every one he met. He didn’t acknowledge to anyone that he heard them but, he did.

“They want snow for Christmas!” exclaimed Mr. Winter to himself, when he got home. “I’ll give them snow and lots of it!”

Christmas Eve, Mr. Winter stood out on his front lawn and with his arms upward to the sky, he ordered snow.

“I’ll show them,” said Mr. Winter. “They are going to get snow and not just a little bit of snow.”

Mr. Winter thought the people in Calgary would be angry with him for ordering so much snow but his plan back- fired on him. All the people in Calgary were overjoyed. They loved all the snow.

“This is a beautiful Christmas,” said Mrs. Turner to Mr. Winter as she went outside with her children to make a snowman.”

“Thank you for making this such a white Christmas,” said Mr. Bertram, taking his snowmobile out of his garage.

“This is the best Christmas ever,” said Miss Davis, making snow angels with her younger brothers and sisters. “We are having so much fun!”

“Merry Christmas everyone,” said Mr. Winter, realizing that he did a good thing by ordering the snow and he was secretly happy that everyone else was happy.

“Maybe my cold and frosty heart is starting to melt,” said Mr. Winter himself.

Moral of this Story:

  • Even a cold, frosty heart can melt.
  • Example: Mr. Winter realized he did a good thing by ordering snow for Christmas.
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