Evil Elf Was Naughty But Then Nice

Evil Elf was working in the stables. It was about a week before Christmas and everyone in the North Pole was hustling and bustling about.

“I am so glad that I work in the stables,” said Evil Elf. “It is so much quieter here.”

“It sure is,” said Arthur Elf, Evil’s boss.

“I remember when I worked in the toy workshop,” said Evil Elf. “It was always so stressful.”

“You always seemed to be in some kind of trouble when working there,” laughed Arthur.

“I didn’t like working there,” said Evil Elf.

“That is too bad,” said a tall, heavy-set man, who stood in the doorway. “I need you to work in the workshop for a few days.

“I really don’t want to” said Evil Elf.” You know I work much better in the stables. I don’t want to work in the workshop.”

“I am aware of all that” said Santa. “But, several elves have come down with the flu. I really need you.”

“Fine,” said Evil Elf.

“And no evil tricks,” Santa called out as Evil Elf slammed the barn door on his way up to the workshop.

“I don’t think he heard you,” said Arthur.

“I am afraid of that,” said Santa.

Evil Elf entered the workshop and he spotted Suzie Elf, immediately. Evil Elf liked Suzie very much.

“Evil Elf!” exclaimed Suzie Elf, looking up from her sewing machine. “Santa said he was going to ask you to do some work here in the workshop for a couple of days.”

“Yes,” said Evil Elf. “Some of the elves are sick.”

“They have the flu,” said Suzie, getting back to work.

“What are you working at?” asked Evil Elf, who was now standing behind Suzie and looking over her shoulder.

“I am sewing hair on the dolls,” said Suzie.

Evil Elf saw Suzie’s long ponytail hanging over her shoulder. He very carefully lifted it up and placed it over the head of the doll Suzie was working on. She sewed the hair onto the doll without realizing that it was her own hair. Evil Elf stood behind her, laughing. It wasn’t until she was finished sewing that she realized what had happened.

“You are so evil!” screamed Suzie. “What did you do that for?”

Suzie was very upset. She started to cry. She tried to free her hair from the doll but it wasn’t coming loose.

“Oh dear!” cried Suzie, picking up her scissors and cutting her hair.

“I am very sorry,” said Evil Elf, realizing that he had just caused Suzie to cut her hair off. “I went a little too far.”

Suzie threw the doll on the floor. Evil Elf could tell she was angry. He watched as she picked up another doll and started sewing hair on it.

“What have I done?” Evil Elf asked himself, feeling absolutely horrible.

Evil Elf looked down at the doll on the floor, the one with Suzie’s hair sewn onto it.

“This is the most beautiful doll I have ever seen,” thought Evil Elf to himself.

Evil Elf picked up the doll and put it into his lunch bag. That evening, he worked on the doll in his room.

“It is beautiful,” he thought, once it was finished.

The next morning, Evil Elf arrived at the workshop before anyone else. He set the doll on Suzie’s workstation with a big sign that read, “I am sorry! Please forgive me!”

Suzie came into the workshop and saw the doll. She too thought it was the most beautiful doll she had ever seen. She read the sign and she knew it was Evil Elf that had put it there.

Suzie went over to Evil Elf’s workstation and gave him a kiss.

“Thank you,” said Suzie Elf. “She is beautiful.”

“Not as beautiful as you,” said Evil Elf.

Moral of this Story:

    • It is not nice to play evil tricks.
    • Example: Evil Elf thought it was funny when Suzie Elf sewed her own hair onto the doll she was working on.
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