A Snowy Prank

It was April Fool’s Day. Jackie Jester looked outside. The sun was shining. He wanted to go outside to play. He cleaned up his toys and went to put his shoes on.

“You’d better get your boots, hat, scarf, mittens and winter coat on,” said Father. “It is snowing outside.”

“I just looked outside,” said Jackie. “It wasn’t snowing.”

“You do remember how quickly weather changes here in North Battleford, Saskatchewan,” said Father.

Jackie knew his father was right. The weather does change very quickly. Jackie took off his shoes and put on his winter boots, coat, mittens, hat and scarf. He opened the door and he saw that it wasn’t snowing at all.

“It isn’t snowing,” said Jackie.

“April Fool’s,” said Father, smiling.

“Father!” exclaimed Jackie.

“Gotcha,” said Father, laughing.

An hour later, Father had to go pick up some groceries. He was about to go outside but Jackie stopped him.

“You’d better take your umbrella,” said Jackie. “It is pouring rain outside.”

“Nice try,” said Father, heading out the door. “You aren’t going to play an April Fool’s Day prank on me.”

“It really is raining,” said Jackie.

“Sure, sure,” said Father.

Father opened the door, stepped out on the porch, opened the front door and saw it was pouring rain. He sheepishly came back into the house and grabbed his umbrella.

“Told you,” said Jackie, laughing.


Moral of this Story:

  • Be careful because an April Fool’s prank can backfire on you.
  • Example: Father told Jackie it was snowing out when it wasn’t. Jackie told Father it was raining out but Father didn’t believe him.

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