Police Report – Day 4

While in Calgary, Alberta, I spoke to Mr. Nailhead. He knew of Jesse and JD because being part of the construction trade, he was able to listen to the radio each day. CJAY 92 was the favourite among the construction crew.

I asked if he had any idea where Jesse and JD could be or who they could be with. He said he really had no idea. There has been a lot of rumours about their disappearance from the construction workers but really nothing concrete.

I asked if he had noticed anything strange going on in Calgary since their disappearance but again, he had no idea. He did, however, mention to me that there was a new state of the art recording studio that was built here in Calgary. He said the whole thing was very secretive. He didn’t know who built it or why it was built. He gave me an approximate location of it. I wasn’t sure if this had anything to do with the case but I thought I should check it out. It did turn out to be a dead end. I did however, learn that a very famous rock band would be in the studio in a few weeks. This information, to me, has nothing to do with the case but still, pretty cool information. I thanked Mr. Nailhead for his time and I crossed him off my list of suspects.

I got a phone call from Ugly Sally. She had been visiting her uncle. She was at the Calgary airport a few days ago and thought she saw Jesse and JD. She didn’t think anything of it until she started seeing the headlines that they were missing.

I immediately went to the airport. Airport security is going to look at their video footage for me and they will get back to me if they find anything. A bit disappointed. Not sure if this is a lead or not. Ugly Sally is not a suspect but she is someone I may need to speak to again.

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