A Trouble-Free Thanksgiving

Lil’ Rebel was in her bedroom, one afternoon after school. She had been grounded for two weeks because she lied to her parents about her whereabouts the weekend before.

“Daddy,” said Lil’ Rebel, at the dinner table, one evening. “I want to go to the theatre with my friends next week. Can I go?”

“You will still be grounded then,” said Daddy.

“Is there any way I can be left out of my groundings,” pleaded Lil’ Rebel.

“Tell you what,” said Daddy. “Thanksgiving is this weekend. Let’s have a trouble-free Thanksgiving. If that happens, I will let you off your grounding.”

“Okay,” said Lil’ Rebel. “I can do that.”

Lil’ Rebel did her very best to make Thanksgiving trouble-free. She helped her sister, Pattie with her homework. She helped Mother cook Thanksgiving dinner. She didn’t cause an ounce of trouble.

“I will do the dishes,” said Lil’ Rebel after the Thanksgiving meal.

Mother and Daddy were very pleased with Lil’ Rebel’s behaviour. It was nice for them to have a trouble-free Thanksgiving.”

“Take your sister out for some ice-cream,” said Daddy, after Lil’ Rebel was finished with the dishes.

“But what about my grounding?” asked Lil’ Rebel.

“You are no longer grounded,” said Daddy.

“Thank you,” said Lil’ Rebel. “Does that mean…”

“Yes,” said Daddy. “You can go to the theatre with your friends.”

Lil’ Rebel was very happy. She was glad she was able to give her parents a trouble-free Thanksgiving dinner.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to have a trouble-free Thanksgiving.
  • Example: Lil’ Rebel promised she would give her parents a trouble-free Thanksgiving if she could be let off her grounding early.

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