A Traditional Prairie Feast

“I can’t believe it is Thanksgiving this weekend,” said Prairie Kid to himself. ”I feel like having a traditional prairie feast.”

Prairie Kid normally won’t have a Thanksgiving dinner because he lives alone and he doesn’t like cooking for just himself. He still didn’t like cooking for himself but he really wanted to have a turkey dinner.

“I know what I can do,” said Prairie Kid. “I will invite my ranch hand, Steve, my neighbour, Joe and my new neighbour, Betty. I would have invited my family but since we are the Canadian family, they are spread out across Canada.”

Prairie Kid’s ranch hand and his two neighbours were thrilled to be invited and accepted his invitation. They all offered to bring something with them and were even more pleased when Prairie Kid told them it was going to be a traditional prairie feast.

On Thanksgiving morning, Prairie Kid stuffed the turkey with dried bread crumbs, onion, some celery, apple, melted butter and sage. He then peeled the vegetables, potatoes, turnip and carrots. The whole house soon started to smell so good.

“I am getting so hungry smelling that turkey,” said Prairie Kid. “I’m going to hold off eating until dinner though.”

The first guest to show up was his ranch hand, Steve. Steve brought some fresh baked rolls and a pound of homemade butter with him. Joe came next. He brought a smoked ham and some homemade cranberry sauce. Betty brought a homemade pumpkin pie with some fresh whipped cream that she had  just made.

Prairie Kid and his guests enjoyed their traditional prairie feast.

“Next year we will have Thanksgiving dinner at my place,” said Betty.

“That would be wonderful,” said Prairie Kid. “But, I am too full to even think about next year’s dinner.”

Prairie Kid’s guests all agreed.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to share a Thanksgiving feast with friends.
  • Example: Prairie Kid wanted to have a Thanksgiving feast but he knew his family wouldn’t be able to attend so he invited his ranch hand and some neighbours.

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