Silly Snake slithered through the forest on a bright, warm winter day. He passed by Mrs. Robin, who was cleaning her nest.

“Silly Snake,” she called out to him. “What are you doing?”

“Just out for a walk,” said Silly Snake.

“I see,” said Mrs. Robin. “Aren’t you going to clean up around your yard?”

“I’ll do it tomorrow,” said Silly Snake.

“Suit yourself,” said Mrs. Robin.

Silly Snake slithered across a snowy patch on the lawn of the park. He saw Mrs. Squirrel. She was also cleaning up.

“How come you aren’t cleaning?” asked Mrs. Squirrel. “Today is the perfect day for it. We won’t get too many more days like this.”

“I’ll do my cleaning tomorrow,” said Silly Snake.

The rest of that day, Silly Snake spent just slithering along the park. He paid no attention to his friends, who were all busy cleaning.

The next morning Silly Snake woke up and realized it was Christmas Day and he had not done any cleaning at all. He felt bad that he had not done any work yesterday. Now, he had to spend the better part of his Christmas morning cleaning.

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