Easter Snow

“Oh no!” exclaimed Poor Mountain Sister, just getting up out of bed, still in slippers and housecoat.

“What!” exclaimed Poor Mountain Brother, who had been awake for awhile and then seeing what his sister was looking at said, “Oh it is only snow. What is wrong with that?”

“It is Easter morning,” said Poor Mountain Sister. “That is what is wrong with that. How are we going to have our Easter egg hunt outside if there is snow on the ground?”

“It won’t last long,” said Poor Mountain Mother, coming into the kitchen after having a cup of coffee.

“Are you sure?” asked Poor Mountain Sister.

“Positive,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “This is Easter snow. Easter snow is big and fluffy and doesn’t really stick to anything. It disappears as soon as it hits the ground.”

“Now,” said Poor Mountain Father, who was reading the newspaper. “Go get dressed. There are Easter eggs to find.”

Poor Mountain Sister and Poor Mountain Brother went upstairs to get dressed. By the time they came back downstairs to put on their boots, the snow had completely disappeared.

“Easter snow!” exclaimed Poor Mountain Sister. “I really, really like it!”

“Me too,” said Poor Mountain Brother, who had found the first Easter egg.

The Poor Mountain family had a really nice Easter together. They had a beautiful ham dinner, complete with all the fixings and the Poor Mountain children were able to find all the Easter eggs. The next day, it started to snow again.

“I wish this was Easter snow,” said Poor Mountain Sister, looking in disgust at what she saw out the window.

The snow just kept piling up and it didn’t look like it was going to be disappearing anytime soon.

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Father, getting ready to go to work in the bush. “I wish so too.”

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