Autumn Smile

Sunshine Sally was very excited because it was autumn and she was patiently waiting for the leaves on the trees to change colour.

“Autumn is so beautiful,” said Sunshine Sally. “The leaves haven’t started changing colours yet. They will though and when they do, it will be so colourful.”

Sunshine Sally waited and waited. Nothing changed yet.

“I see you are still waiting for the leaves to turn colour,” said Mr. Jones, Sunshine Sally’s elderly neighbour, coming outside to retrieve his morning paper.

“They will,” said Sunshine Sally, smiling. “They will.”

“With your smile,” said Mr. Jones. “Anything will happen.”

A few days later, the leaves still hadn’t changed. Sunshine Sally still smiled and she didn’t give up hope.

“It is a good thing you are patient,” said Mr. Jones. “They will change soon.”

“Yes,” said Sunshine Sally, “They certainly will.”

“Keep smiling,” said Mr. Jones.

The next day, Sunshine Sally noticed a slight colour change in the leaves.

“It won’t be long now,” said Mr. Jones. “They are almost there.”

A couple of days later, Sunshine Sally smiled the biggest smile she could when Mr. Jones came outside to get his morning paper.

“The leaves have completely changed colour and they are stunning,” said Sunshine Sally, smiling.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Mr. Jones when he saw the transformation of the leaves. “Look what that smile of yours did. Amazing!”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is amazing what a smile can do.
  • Example: Sunshine Sally smiled each and every day, waiting for the autumn leaves to turn colour. Her neighbour believed her smile was what caused the beautiful transformation.

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