Autumn Celebration

“That was a strange phone call,” said Sunshine Sally. “I am to be at the park on Saturday at 1 pm. The person on the phone wouldn’t tell me why though. Oh well, I will show up and see what it is all about.”

For the rest of that week, Sunshine Sally asked everyone she saw if they had gotten the same phone call.

“No,” said her elderly neighbour, Mr. Jones. “I never received a phone call like that.”

“Maybe I shouldn’t go,” said Sunshine Sally. “It seems kind of suspicious.”

“Oh, I definitely think you should go,” said Mr. Jones.

“Something strange is going on,” said Sunshine Sally to herself. “I get the same response from everyone. They all claim they haven’t received a phone call but they do seem to know more than they are telling me.”

Saturday came and Sunshine Sally showed up at the park at 1 pm and she was surprised to see everyone she knew was there.

“What is going on?” asked Sunshine Sally, seeing Mr. Jones there too.

“We know how much you have done to help everyone smile and be happy this autumn,” said Mr. Jones. “We wanted to do something nice for you. This is an Autumn Celebration for you.”

“This is such a nice surprise,” said Sunshine Sally, smiling. “Thank you all so much.”

Sunshine Sally was so thrilled. She had a great time at the Autumn Celebration that the townspeople had set up for her. It was nice that they noticed all that she had done for the town.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to show recognition to someone that deserves it.
  • Example: Sunshine Sally was recognized by the townspeople for all the work she did keeping people smiling and happy during that autumn season.

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