Gertie the Queen of the Pancake Eating Contest

Gertie the Queen of the Calgary Stampede was at the Stampede grounds bright and early one morning. She was waiting in line for a free pancake breakfast.

“I love pancakes,” said Gertie. “And, I especially love free ones.”

“If you love pancakes so much,” said a man in the line behind her. “Why aren’t you at the pancake eating contest?”

Oh,” said Gertie. “I didn’t realize there was one.”

“It is in the tent right over there,” pointed the man.

“I will go right after I eat these pancakes,” said Gertie.

“I don’t understand,” said the man. “Why fill up on pancakes here?”

“I have lots of room for tons more,” said Gertie, lifting up her shirt and rubbing her tummy.

“I have to see this,” said the man. “Is it okay if I come to the pancake eating contest and watch you?”

“It is okay with me,” said Gertie.

“My name is Matt,” said the man.

“My name is Gertie,” said Gertie, looking at the size of Matt’s tummy. “How come you aren’t entering the pancake eating contest?”

“I am on a diet,” said Matt.

Gertie was finally handed a plate of pancakes.

She asked the cook to double her pancakes.

“And she is going to enter the pancake eating contest after this,” said Matt, receiving his plate.

“Oh my!” exclaimed the cook. “I am glad I don’t have my money on you. I would lose.”

“Big mistake,” said Gertie. “I will win. You just wait and see.”

Gertie ate four huge fluffy pancakes and then her and Matt went over to the tent where the pancake eating contest was held.

“Good luck,” said Matt.

Gertie sat down at the table with five men who were very burly and who looked very hungry.

The five men each ate ten pancakes.

Gertie had eaten ten and was on another batch of five. Three of the men had given up.

“Come on Gertie,” coaxed Matt.

“She’ll never do it,” said the cook who had given Gertie the double pancake order earlier.

“I think she will,” said Matt.

“We will see,” said the cook.

Gertie finished those five and was on a second batch of five. The other two men had to give up as well.

“You ate twenty pancakes here,” said Matt.

“And don’t forget the four I gave her earlier,” said the cook. “I don’t know how you did it but you won!”

“Am I the Queen of the Pancake Eating Contest?” asked Gertie.

“Yes,” said Matt. “You certainly are!”


Moral of this Story:

  • Don’t under estimate someone.
  • Example: Matt and the cook didn’t think Gertie had a chance to win the Pancake Eating Contest.

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