Finding a Quebite

“I would like to find a quebite” said Ellie, reading a research journal.

“Quebites don’t exist,” said Baby Face Monster. “They are a thing legends are made of.”

“That is a funny thing to say,” said Ellie. “Especially coming from you. So many people thought  the same about you. Lots of people thought you didn’t exist.”

“But I do exist,” said Baby Face Monster.

“So if you exist,” said Ellie. “Why can’t a quebite exist?”

“Trust me,” said Baby Face Monster. “It would be a waste of time to chase after a quebite.”

“Wait a minute,” said Ellie. “It isn’t about finding a quebite. You are afraid I will leave you, which is silly because I want you to come with me.”

“You do?” asked Baby Face, feeling utterly foolish for what he was thinking.

“Yes,” said Ellie. “I do. We are a team. We work together.”

Ellie and Baby Face went to Thunder Bay in search of the elusive quebite.

“So,” said Baby Face, that evening in their tent. “How do we find a quebite?”

“I have done a lot of research on the quebite,” said Ellie. “We must find a large maple forest in the middle of nowhere and then we must find the largest rock in the forest. The quebite tunnel under huge rocks.”

Finding the large maple forest was the easy part. Ellie looked on the internet to locate it. She also used the internet to search for the largest rocks. That was the most difficult part because there were ten very large rocks scattered throughout the forest.

“We have two more rocks to check,” said Ellie a few weeks later. “We just need to figure out which one of the two is the largest.”

Ellie and Baby Face went to the largest of the two rocks. It was a huge rock but Ellie

wasn’t convinced it was the largest. They went in search of the second rock but what they didn’t know was that the second rock no longer existed. It had been blown up a few years back and was removed. Ellie spent the next few weeks looking for it to no avail.

What Ellie and Baby Face also didn’t know was that the first of the two remaining rocks was home to the quebite. The quebite watched every move Ellie and Baby Face had made and was always one step ahead of them.

“I think we need to abort our quebite research,” said Ellie a few weeks later. “We aren’t able to find one.”

Ellie and Baby Face returned to the forest several times over the next few months and they never did find a quebite. 


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes things that are elusive need to stay elusive.
  • Example: Ellie and Baby Face Monster did not find a quebite, even though there was one watching them the whole time they were searching.

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