Gertie the Queen of the Calgary Stampede and a Rainy Day

“I don’t like the looks of those clouds,” said Gertie the Queen of the Calgary Stampede to herself as she grabbed her umbrella and raincoat. “A little bit of rain won’t stop me from going to the Calgary Stampede.”

Gertie arrived at the Stampede grounds just in time for the rain to start. She could hear everyone complain about the rain and she didn’t understand why they were complaining.

“People,” shouted Gertie. “Why are you complaining about the rain? You know weather in Calgary is very unpredictable.”

Gertie didn’t care that it was raining. She loved the Stampede and nothing was going to stop her from enjoying herself.

With her raincoat and umbrella, Gertie walked through the Stampede grounds without a care in the world. She visited several exhibits and also with several of the animals that were performing in the different rodeo shows.

Gertie could still hear people complain about the weather. She stood in the middle of the midway and started dancing.

“Come on people,” said Gertie.” Let’s have some fun. Let’s show this Stampede the respect it deserves.”

Several people started dancing with Gertie. They knew she was right. The Calgary Stampede was not a place to complain. Instead, it was a place to have fun.

“That was a rainy day at the Stampede,” said Gertie, that night in bed. “But, I sure had fun!”

Gertie smiled to herself and fell asleep, dreaming of her wonderful fun-filled day at the Stampede.


Moral of this Story:

  • The Calgary Stampede is a place to have fun, even if it is raining.
  • Example: Gertie the Queen of the Calgary Stampede doesn’t care if it raining. The rain was not going to stop her, from going to the Calgary Stampede, even in the rain.
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