Too Much Sun

Forgetful Fred just got home from seeing the dentist. He had to have his wisdom teeth pulled out. He wasn’t in very much pain because he could still feel the freezing the dentist had put in him. However, he was very, very tired.

He saw the lawn chair on the patio and it looked very comfortable. He sat on it and within minutes he was sound asleep.

Forgetful Fred’s wife, Sarah, was just leaving the house to go to work. She worked part-time at the local florist.

“Oh Forgetful Fred!” exclaimed Sarah, seeing Forgetful Fred sound asleep on the lawn chair. “Your face is pretty swollen. You are going to be pretty sore.”

“Uh huh!” exclaimed Forgetful Fred, mumbling.

“I have to go to work,” said Sarah. “Don’t stay out too long this morning. It is going to be a very hot summer day. You don’t want to be dealing with a sunburn on top of your sore mouth.”

“I won’t,” Forgetful Fred mumbled, still half asleep.

Sarah left for work. As she drove the fifteen minute drive, she had a nagging feeling about Forgetful Fred that she just couldn’t shake. As soon as she got to work, she tried calling him but there was no answer.

“Oh dear!” exclaimed Sarah to herself. “I just bet he is still sitting outside. He probably fell back to sleep on the lawn chair. He is going to be burnt to a crisp.”

“Go home,” said her boss, when she told him her suspicions about her husband. “It is so hot out there. He will burn in no time at all.”

Sarah got in the car and drove home. She was careful to go the speed limit. She didn’t want to get a speeding ticket. She pulled into the driveway and she saw Forgetful Fred sound asleep on the lawn chair. His face and arms were beet red.

“Forgetful Fred!” yelled Sarah, waking him up by shaking him. “Get up and get inside. You are getting burnt out here.”

“You are home from work already,” said Forgetful Fred, groggily.

“I came home because I was worried about you,” explained Sarah. “Now get inside the house.”

Sill Fred got up and went inside. He flopped down on the couch and went right to sleep. Sarah went back to work. She was worried about him all day.

“I don’t know what hurts more,” said Forgetful Fred, later that afternoon, when Sarah got home from work. “My mouth or my sunburn.”

Forgetful Fred was pretty sore for a couple of days.

“Next time I go to the dentist,” said Forgetful Fred. “Let’s put the lawn furniture away.”

“Good idea,” said Sarah.

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