Summer in the Maritimes

Hi! I am Fishing Kid. I live in one of the maritime provinces of Canada, New Brunswick. I love summer in the Maritimes, as it my most productive season. In the summer months, Maritimers fish and fish and fish. We fish on big fishing boats, medium fishing boats and small fishing boats. We fish whenever and wherever we can.

Generations and generations of Maritimers fish. Fishing tips and tools are passed down from grandfather to father to son. Fishing boats are passed on the same way. Many families work together, not just as a family, but as a team.

A typical summer day in the Maritimes starts at sun up. We wake early, get our fishing gear on and then off to our boats we go. There is nothing like the spray of cold ocean water on your face as you work. We work long into the dark hours hauling fish.

Maritimers are a tough breed of people. Some may think that fishing is a lazy-man’s job, but I can tell you differently. Fishing is a lot of work and it is hard work too. However, it is very rewarding when, at the end of each day, you see your boat full of fish.

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