Hot and Cold

Silly Snake was sitting in his den eating breakfast when he heard a knock at the door. “Come on in,” said Silly Snake. “What are you doing inside on such a hot day?” asked Mother, who was holding a bag of groceries in her hand. “Mother!” exclaimed Silly Snake. “What a nice surprise!” Silly Snake’s […] Read More

Cold Winter Day

One cold, winter day, Arrow decided he would like to go outside and play. Now, Arrow is a year old kitten and he has only been outside a couple of times and those couple of times is when his Mommy put him on his leash and harness and let him get some fresh air. Also, […] Read More

Warm Sweater

“I’m going outside to play,” said Troll Brother. “Put on your new sweater that Grandma Troll made you for Christmas,” said Troll Mother. “Do I have to?” asked Troll Brother. “I really don’t like it. It is kind of ugly looking.” “Well Grandma Troll spent hours making it for you,” said Troll Mother. “And, it […] Read More

Fawn’s Summer Day

“Fawn,” said Spot, coming into the barn from outside. “Why are you wearing that big, heavy sweater?” “It’s cold in here,” said Fawn. “Well,” said Spot. “It’s no wonder. You have the air conditioner turned on as high as it will go.” “I do!” said Fawn. “I didn’t know we even had an air conditioner.” […] Read More