Fawn’s Summer Day

“Fawn,” said Spot, coming into the barn from outside. “Why are you wearing that big, heavy sweater?”

“It’s cold in here,” said Fawn.

“Well,” said Spot. “It’s no wonder. You have the air conditioner turned on as high as it will go.”

“I do!” said Fawn. “I didn’t know we even had an air conditioner.”

“Well we do,” said Spot. “Mr. Hansen installed it for us last summer.”

“Really,” said Fawn. “Anyhow, I think I’m going to go outside and play.”

“Okay,” said Spot. “But I think I will turn off the air conditioner first.”

“Good idea,” said Fawn.

“Boy,” said Fawn, once he stepped outside. “It sure is hot out here.”

“Yes,” said Spot. “It sure is. Don’t you think you’d better take that sweater off, though?”

“Well,” said Fawn. “I would if I could, but the zipper broke and I can’t get it undone.”

“Let me try,” said Spot.

“Sure,” said Fawn.

Spot tugged and tugged at the zipper to Fawn’s sweater but no matter what she did, she couldn’t get it undone.

“I think you are stuck,” said Spot.

“I think so too,” said Fawn.

“Look,” said Spot. “Why don’t I try to pull it over your head?”

“You think that would work,” said Fawn, who was starting to sweat. “I’m getting very hot.”

“I hope so,” said Spot.

Spot tugged and tugged at the sweater to try to pull it over Fawn’s head. The sweater just wouldn’t come off.

“What are we going to do?” asked Fawn. “I’m so hot.”

“Look,” said Spot. “Here comes Jenny. She’ll help us with it!”

“Jenny!” called Fawn. “Over here! We need your help.”

“Fawn,” said Jenny, reaching over and pulling down the zipper off his sweater and helping him take it off. “What are you doing with this bulky sweater on? It’s so hot outside today. It is no wonder that you were sweating. You are so silly. Now, what did you want me to help you with?”

“Nothing now,” said Fawn, feeling much better now.

“Fawn wanted you to help him take his sweater off,” said Spot.

“Well,” said Jenny. “I guess I never even gave him a chance to ask. All I could see was Fawn with this big bulky sweater on in the middle of July on a roasting hot day.”

“We were trying to get the sweater off,” said Spot. “The zipper was stuck on it, though.”

“That’s funny,” said Jenny, looking at the sweater that she now held in her hand. “The zipper worked fine for me.”

“I guess it just needed your touch,” said Fawn. “I tried to get it off and Spot tried, too and neither one of us could budge it.”

“Why did you have it on anyway?” asked Jenny. “You must have been roasting.”

“It was cold in the barn when I got up,” said Fawn.

“I guess Dad had the air conditioner on too high,” said Jenny. “I’ll get him to come over and fix it.”

“Okay,” said Fawn. “But don’t tell him to fix it for a couple of hours. I was so hot with that sweater on that now I’m going to go into the barn and get cooled off!”


Moral of this Story:

  • You don’t need a warm sweater on when it is hot outside.
  • Example: Fawn haad a sweater on because it was cold in the barn but then he couldn’t get it off and he was very hot when he went outside.
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